Dual Parameter Tool

Disposable and Sterilized pH-meter

gyProbe uses the cytOsens patent pending technology to monitor pH and temperature in cell culture media and saline solutions. It is based on innovative dry electrodes that allow long shelf life and easy storage. Disposable, gamma-sterilized and USP class VI electrodes especially designed for the preparation of cell media and solutions that will be in contact with cells. USB interface compatible with Windows allows an easy control of the solution and convenient backup of the data.

Key features

  • Disposable pH-meter
  • Designed to fit classical ports used by steel/glass pH probes PG13.5
  • Composed of biocompatible USP class VI materials
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Available in 120 & 220 mm

Technical Data

pH measuring range

pH resolution

Temperature range

Temperature resolution




2 - 10


5°C - 50°C


Saline solutions and cell culture media

USP Class VI

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