Bench pH-meter

gyProbe is a device especially developed for pH assesment in saline solutions and cell culture media. The sensing electrode is disposable, made of USP class VI materials and sterilized to ensure secure and convenient measurement of such solutions. Available in 120 and 220mm, it will fit to various vessels used in biological labs. gyProbe is as efficient as classical glass pH-meter.

Cell culture in Bioreactors

Biotech & Pharma companies rely increasingly on single use solutions for the production of new therapeutic drugs. Disposable systems suppress cleaning and sterilization processes while they increase the control of critical steps. Disposable sensors exclude any cross-contamination.

Our patented technology is designed to avoid time-consuming sampling and provide pH and temperature monitoring. We aim to offer sensors that are ready-to-use in order to obtain maximum work efficiency.

gyProbe applications in cell culture will be available soon for mini bioreactors. Sensors in gyProbe provide continuous monitoring for the entire cell culture procedure with less calibrations. The probe fits Bioreactor PG13.5 standard ports. A single cable will transmit both parameter values for an easy set-up with a choice between USB and 4...20mA connections.

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